Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another way to use Ekiga with google voice on your android phone.

I've already gone over once of how to get your ekiga account to receive phone calls in sipdroid. This will just be a slightly different method of getting an ekiga account to receive phone calls also using sipdroid. This method allows you to either use a Google voice account if you have it.

OK, fairly simple process here. The first thing that you need to do, and the most obvious, register for an ekiga sip account at if you do not have one already. Write down the sip address that you pick, '' Now run over to and register for their free service. It can take up to a few hours for ipkall to email you back your new US based  DID, but most of the time it's within a few seconds. Log into your new ipkall number. Under 'SIP Phone Number' put in your ekiga username, everything up to the @ of your sip address 'black'. And under the 'SIP Proxy' put in '' or whatever is after the @ in your sip address.

If you don't have a google voice account just go ahead and stop here. You can now receive normal phone calls through sip with ekiga. Go ahead and give it a test. Just call the ipkall number from any phone that has long distance service.

For adding the number to your google voice account, it's fairly simple. Just add the number and have google call to verify the number. When your phone rings, slide up to answer and then slide the number pad up to punch in the verification code. I've noticed a good bit of lag sending the touch tones back to google. Keep this in mind in case you get into a hurry and google doesn't seem to be accepting the code. Now you can receive calls from google voice over sip without having a gizmo5 account.

As an added little bonus, there is an app in the market called 'GVoice Callback' which allows you to make normal calls with your phone and tells google voice to 'ringback' your ipkall number. So with this work around you can also make as well as receive calls with ekiga. This is the method in which I receive and make ALL my calls now that I'm located in Canada.

NOTE: Ekiga really likes STUN servers. So I'd advise using one if your going to be jumping from network to network making sip calls.

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