Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aircrack for Droid

I installed Debian onto a 4GB partition of my 16GB sdcard in my Moto Droid. This was quite the fun little adventure. I'll have to go more into it sometime later. While I was messing around with different packages and programs. I decided to pull down the aircrack-ng suite. After a lot of testing and playing, I found out that the Droid hardware just doesn't want to go into monitor mode. You can KINDA get it to work, but it's not reliable. The interface will just continue to disappear and your capture will not have amounted to anything. It also doesn't support injection as far as I can tell which limits much of what you can do with it. About the best that I could do was to have a script run every 30 seconds or so that would restart the interface to begin captures again. I walked around the neighborhood a few times while it was doing this. I was amazed to find that it did work a little. I'm wondering though if maybe using tcpdump wouldn't be a better solution to the aircrack-ng tools. I'll give it a test soon and write back here.

EDIT: Found out today that the wireless card in the Droid supports injection.

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