Sunday, July 25, 2010

So you bricked your Moto Droid.

Ok, so I have this really bad habit of bricking my Droid or loosing root.... you name it, it's probably been inflicted upon my device. So in an effort to keep me from loosing my notes on the subject, here is my Linux based process for un-bricking my Droid. I'm not sure how legal it is to link to roms and such but I don't need those I already have my nandroid backups.

Needed files, SBF_flash and SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf
This is a retarded simple fix. (you can still damage your phone beyond repair blah blah blah...)

Download SBF_flash and SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf [these are the links from CyanogenMod Wiki] Plug in Droid while turned off and then power on while pressing up on the d-pad. This will dump you into the boot loader. Then run './sbf_flash SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf' This will flash the recovery image to your Droid. And now you are done. Congrats you just un-bricked your phone. Now install the Nandroid backup of your choice or install the rom of your choice. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Android applications that I use

Well everyone else has done it to some extent or another. I'm just going to list the apps that I love, like and just can't live without. As far as the apps that I can't live without, I'll denote those with an (*). I've got a rooted Motorola Droid running the DroidMod rom and a custom kernel.

So here they are in no particular order:

*Appmonster - what I use to backup and store different versions of the apps that I have installed.

*ASE (android scripting environment) - python, perl, and a few other scripting languages on the android platform. It's not python3, but it has run parts of snkmchnb's getcast before. Who needs a GUI pod catcher on android when you have the CLI?

*sipdroid - FOSS VoIP client. It only supports one account at a time, but this is the program that I use for free calling via googlevoice+ipkall+ekiga.

*Bible - online translations of the Bible, newer versions are very bloated. Until an offline version is installed, I run version 1.2

*terminal - does not require an explanation, it's the CLI.

*ConnectBot - SSH client. Allows for more than one ssh session at a time. More control than just terminal.

*drocap2 - root only application that allows for taking screenshots of the device at any time. Can be set to run with a timer or just simply shaking the device. I use it to take all the screenshots that are found on unixporn.

*home++ - replacement home screen that removes the need for the notification bar and has that cool little launcher bar as seen in the above screenshots.

*Google Voice - must have for my free SMS abilities.

*ES File Explorer - file and ftp access, handy for uploading recordings to the ftp directly from the android device.

*G-MoN - war driving

*Maps(-) - openstreetmaps, google maps, opencyclemaps all rolled into one. NO
NAVIGATION. But who needs that anyway?

*overclockwidget - allows me to under and over clock my cpu.

andchat - IRC

audiomanager - for those times when the default audio button just won't cut it.

barcode scanner - yeah

blogger-droid - it's installed but I've never had a reason to use it yet.

Chess - one of the 2 games that have ever been installed on this device.

opensudoku - the other game that's installed.

dPod - *cast catcher until I get getcast or bashpodder working via ASE

DroidLight - use the LEDs like a flashlight.

Dropbox - allows to download stuff from my dropbox account. Does not download folders, which is very annoying.

FBreader - FOSS book reader

mapdroyd + contentdroyd - openstreetmaps cached on the phone. not as up to date as Maps(-) but still useful for area's that you do not have cached.

mustard - identica client

Netcounter - just something that I use to monitor my bandwidth usage of the 3G connection. If you use SIP for your phone calls, this is a MUST.

shopsavvy - bloated app that is kinda fun to play with.

the weather channel - weather... like we need to know anything else about the weather.

wifinder - handy gui for connecting to different access points.

Well that's pretty much everything that I meant to go on about today. If you should happen to read this and have a useful application that I've not listed here, please send me an email at cobra2 {at} unixporn [dot] com. Thanks in advance.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just a reminder about alias

This is just kinda for my crappy memory.

So I was messing around earlier today with a few alias' in bash. I had them all set up for my user in my ~/.bashrc file. Then I logged into root to do something. Tried to use one of my new alias..... FAIL. So I had to do a little reading on how to set an alias for root. I found that I needed to edit /root/.bashrc.
Then I got to thinking. Wouldn't it just be better to have the alias for the whole system rather than just editing each user's .bashrc? So I did a little more reading and found that just editing /etc/bash.bashrc would solve all those problems.