Sunday, July 25, 2010

So you bricked your Moto Droid.

Ok, so I have this really bad habit of bricking my Droid or loosing root.... you name it, it's probably been inflicted upon my device. So in an effort to keep me from loosing my notes on the subject, here is my Linux based process for un-bricking my Droid. I'm not sure how legal it is to link to roms and such but I don't need those I already have my nandroid backups.

Needed files, SBF_flash and SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf
This is a retarded simple fix. (you can still damage your phone beyond repair blah blah blah...)

Download SBF_flash and SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf [these are the links from CyanogenMod Wiki] Plug in Droid while turned off and then power on while pressing up on the d-pad. This will dump you into the boot loader. Then run './sbf_flash SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf' This will flash the recovery image to your Droid. And now you are done. Congrats you just un-bricked your phone. Now install the Nandroid backup of your choice or install the rom of your choice. Enjoy.

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