Saturday, July 17, 2010

Android applications that I use

Well everyone else has done it to some extent or another. I'm just going to list the apps that I love, like and just can't live without. As far as the apps that I can't live without, I'll denote those with an (*). I've got a rooted Motorola Droid running the DroidMod rom and a custom kernel.

So here they are in no particular order:

*Appmonster - what I use to backup and store different versions of the apps that I have installed.

*ASE (android scripting environment) - python, perl, and a few other scripting languages on the android platform. It's not python3, but it has run parts of snkmchnb's getcast before. Who needs a GUI pod catcher on android when you have the CLI?

*sipdroid - FOSS VoIP client. It only supports one account at a time, but this is the program that I use for free calling via googlevoice+ipkall+ekiga.

*Bible - online translations of the Bible, newer versions are very bloated. Until an offline version is installed, I run version 1.2

*terminal - does not require an explanation, it's the CLI.

*ConnectBot - SSH client. Allows for more than one ssh session at a time. More control than just terminal.

*drocap2 - root only application that allows for taking screenshots of the device at any time. Can be set to run with a timer or just simply shaking the device. I use it to take all the screenshots that are found on unixporn.

*home++ - replacement home screen that removes the need for the notification bar and has that cool little launcher bar as seen in the above screenshots.

*Google Voice - must have for my free SMS abilities.

*ES File Explorer - file and ftp access, handy for uploading recordings to the ftp directly from the android device.

*G-MoN - war driving

*Maps(-) - openstreetmaps, google maps, opencyclemaps all rolled into one. NO
NAVIGATION. But who needs that anyway?

*overclockwidget - allows me to under and over clock my cpu.

andchat - IRC

audiomanager - for those times when the default audio button just won't cut it.

barcode scanner - yeah

blogger-droid - it's installed but I've never had a reason to use it yet.

Chess - one of the 2 games that have ever been installed on this device.

opensudoku - the other game that's installed.

dPod - *cast catcher until I get getcast or bashpodder working via ASE

DroidLight - use the LEDs like a flashlight.

Dropbox - allows to download stuff from my dropbox account. Does not download folders, which is very annoying.

FBreader - FOSS book reader

mapdroyd + contentdroyd - openstreetmaps cached on the phone. not as up to date as Maps(-) but still useful for area's that you do not have cached.

mustard - identica client

Netcounter - just something that I use to monitor my bandwidth usage of the 3G connection. If you use SIP for your phone calls, this is a MUST.

shopsavvy - bloated app that is kinda fun to play with.

the weather channel - weather... like we need to know anything else about the weather.

wifinder - handy gui for connecting to different access points.

Well that's pretty much everything that I meant to go on about today. If you should happen to read this and have a useful application that I've not listed here, please send me an email at cobra2 {at} unixporn [dot] com. Thanks in advance.

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